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This Patient Education Portal is being launched as a new addition to NSIC-Online. We hope you enjoy these new resources, and find them useful.

nsic-patient-education-on-ipadWe have developed 2 interactive learning modules so far (Skin Care and Nutrition), but the aim is to keep adding new modules and quizzes to complement the existing training you receive at the Centre, so that you can refresh your knowledge at any time. We will also keep it up to date with the latest guidance and recommendations.

NOTE: You may be aware that the NSIC depends on funding and donations to maintain and develop the site, so we are always looking at ways to ensure we can sustain the site into the future. Thanks to everyone who supports us.

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It would be really helpful to know what you think about this new, SCI-specific interactive training, and will help us keep on moving things in the right direction.

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